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2021 - Riverside Trivia Luncheon

Did you know that the number “8” is considered the luckiest number in China ?!?

No? … neither did we .. this piece of trivia and lots of others tested the general knowledge of the brainy folk who joined us for a FUNdraiser Quiz lunch to celebrate Maxim’s 8th birthday. Teams of 6 players were treated to a sumptuous lunch while scratching their collective brains to win great prizes .. and all for a great cause.


With the world still in the grip of the Covid Pandemic the numbers at our quiz were limited but our determination to raise enough money to provide 8 children with ongoing neurological rehabilitation for a year remained strong.

With this goal in mind we launched a GoFund Me online campaign to run from the anniversary of Maxim’s passing on the 1st September to his 8th birthday on the 3rd October.

During this month supporters from all around the world opened their hearts and their wallets and we managed to raise R 200 000 for our 2021 fundraising efforts.


This surpassed our goal and allowed us to take on new beneficiaries as well as continuing to provide therapy to our existing beneficiaries … perhaps the Chinese were right all along and 8 really is a lucky number ! 

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